Bowen for Stress Management & Emotional Well-being

Posted on May 22, 2018 at 7:55 PM

Do you feel like your system is on overdrive? Continued stress can impact your physical and emotional health.

When I first began practicing the Bowen Technique in 2012, most patients came to me because of physical injuries such as frozen shoulders, back pain, knee problems and so on. I started to notice that when they came back to report on progress they would say things like “I was so depressed and unable to cope with life generally, and somehow those thoughts have gone away since the treatment last week. Do you think they might be related?” or “I have felt so calm and my sleep has improved since you worked on me last week”.

It quickly became apparent to me that Bowen has profound effects on the nervous system and the emotions. The Bowen Technique puts the central nervous system into parasympathetic relaxation, the state during which the body can begin to heal. It is during this state that imbalances (even those which are not yet symptomatic) are re-set. It is my understanding that this is one of the reasons why a Bowen treatment can help to free stuck or negative emotions.

I think the ability to settle down an over-active nervous system is one of the hidden gems of the Bowen Technique.

Consider regular Bowen treatments as part of your preventative health care plan. By reducing your stress levels and helping your nervous system to re-set you can help your body to avoid settling into patterns of illness. If your life is stressful, consider beginning with a few Bowen treatments and then continuing every 4 to 6 weeks as needed.

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